Working from home.

Project Description

When you are creative, the space in which you work has to be just right. For a young art student that meant being out of doors. With a typical west London back garden – about 10m by 5m – the task was to accommodate a studio and create space for entertaining – while leaving room for a frisky Labrador to play and two playful, inquisitive cats to roam freely. A cedar deck surrounds the studio, providing space for a table for four – or an easel, for working in the open air on good-weather days. Two steps lead down towards the house, separating home from work; sandstone stepping stones and a curved brick wall create a second focal point, drawing the eye away from the studio. Mature palms give structure to the garden; colourful plants fill the borders. The result is a garden which is both a hive of activity and a tranquil spot. And there is still enough room to swing a cat  or a dog


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