A garden for entertaining.

Project Description

Working long hours, and with typically hectic London lives, this Teddington couple needed space to relax and for entertaining. Having refurbished their house, not only creating contemporary open space but also installing a narrow, vertical window at the end of the hall, they wanted maximum impact from the moment they opened the front door. Between newly laid lawn, sprinkling water from tiny jet fountains in a narrow, slate canal catch the eye, drawing it to the stainless steel pyramid at the end. The vista is long and dramatic. White stemmed silver birches act as bookends, holding the view in place. The large deck includes a gravel garden for herbs; raised beds double up as casual seating. Bespoke horizontal cedar panels above the brick wall mimic trellis, providing privacy and reducing sound from the local railway line beyond. Just out of the photo, in a shady corner on the right, an ornamental Zen garden, with Japanese maple and Bonsai amidst gravel and large boulders, is a private spot for quiet contemplation and relaxation. Concealed lighting ensures the garden is welcoming after a long, hard day at work.



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