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Inspirational garden design, construction and planting

Are you considering using a garden designer to help you make the most of your garden? Do you find you use your garden less than you would like because of its design – or that looking after the planting takes up too much of your time? Have your needs changed over the years leaving you with a garden you no longer enjoy? Have you just moved and inherited a garden which does not fit in with your lifestyle?

I design, construct and plant gardens, bringing life to dull spaces, taking a thoughtful and innovative approach to create gardens that suit my clients’ lives and inspire them to enjoy their gardens all year round. Most of my garden design clients are in west London, specifically Barnes, Chiswick, Ealing, Putney, Richmond, Teddington and Twickenham plus a few further afield in Middlesex and recently on the Isle of Wight.

Whether you are a busy professional with no time for gardening, a family wanting to combine children’s play with adult relaxation and family entertaining, a couple wanting an escape from pressure and stress, a company with a corporate image to convey through your office landscape, a potterer keen to get your fingers dirty in the garden, or if you have no idea at all what you want from your outdoor space, I will explore options with you and design, construct and plant a garden to suit you and the life you lead. Have a look at some of my lifestyle garden designs or, if you would like to talk to me about what you would like to achieve with your garden, do get in touch.

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